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You Snooze, You Lose
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For several weeks during a period when I was especially tired, I was awakened during the night by a strange, buzzing sound. I deduced that it wasn’t my pager; instead, I was convinced that it must be my cell phone. Perhaps it was announcing that I could unplug it from the adaptor, as it was now fully charged.

So, I removed it from the night stand thinking that would do the trick. But even with the cell on the carpet, that incessant buzzing continued to awaken me at odd hours of the night.

Finally, one night I heard it again.  So, I pulled myself out of my slumber just in time to catch myself snoring, of all things!

Ten Sleepy Woman

In Matthew 25, the Bible recounts a story of 10 sleepy, young women who were invited to a late night wedding party. Five were wise and five were foolish. The wise women brought along their oil lamps, plus extra oil. The foolish women carried only their lamps. All ten young ladies grew tired of waiting for the bridegroom to arrive. In fact, they became very drowsy, and fell asleep.

But around midnight, the call rang out, “Come and meet the bridegroom!”  The 10 young women pulled themselves out of their slumber and grabbed their lamps. Realizing they weren’t ready because their lanterns were going out, the foolish girls tried to borrow oil from the wise maidens, who refused because they only had enough for themselves.

So, the foolish women ran to buy oil, but while they were scrambling the bridegroom arrived. The wise young women went into the wedding banquet and the door was shut behind them.

When the five foolish girls returned and tried to get in, the bridegroom simply told them, “I don’t know you.”

Jesus told this story to help up prepare for His second coming. God has promised that the Lord will indeed be coming back one day soon. Jesus will return to take us up to heaven. But not everyone will be ready. Like the foolish girls, some of us are waiting until the last minute to prepare. Only then, it will be too late!

All of us have been invited! But today is the time to get ready to go! Today is the time to get to know the Lord in advance. Today, we have the opportunity to talk to God through prayer, and to listen to God through the Creator’s own love letter to us, the Bible. In this way, when the Bridegroom finally does come, we will know Jesus and we will be invited in to the eternal banquet in heaven.

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