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The Silver Lining
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Have you ever been really annoyed by something, such as a traffic jam on the freeway, a leaking roof, or a flat tire?  When these things happen unexpectedly, our tendency as humans is to “stress-out” and begin worrying about the hassle, the expense involved, and the disruption these problems will make in our schedule. However, have you discovered that some times minor irritations or even major catastrophes can turn out for good?

A couple of years ago, a brother and sister who lived in Chicago found this to be true. Like the rest of their neighbors, Karen and Zeke, siblings in their mid twenties, were struggling with the nuisance and inconvenience of a nine-day garbage strike, when they found their rotting waste held a proverbial “silver lining.”

Days earlier, they had thrown their $10.5 million winning lottery ticket in the trash without checking the number. If it hadn’t been for the garbage strike, their ticket would have been long gone by the time they decided to dig through the refuse to search for it.

All Things Work Together for Good

A scripture verse in Romans has always intrigued me. “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose” (Romans 8:28). It hardly seems possible that God will bring good out of “all things,” does it? Some things – yes, most things – possibly, but all things? Yet, that is what the verse promises.

The only stipulation in this promise is that it is not meant for everyone. It is not for the person who doesn’t love the Lord. Nor, is it for the person who insists on living life on their own terms rather than God’s. But this remarkable promise holds the assurance that for those who do love the Lord and are living according to the purpose of their Creator, God will bring some good out of every circumstance in their lives, no matter how annoying or devastating. What an encouragement to know that even our difficulties are not without a blessing. 

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