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Not Right Now
Photo: Jyn Meyer
During an annual Chaplain’s conference, one of my fellow ministers shared the heart wrenching story of the illness and death of her seven-year old son. It all started with a little bit of dizziness that developed into double vision and general weakness over time. All along the way, doctors were consulted and tests were run; yet nothing serious was discovered. This mother of three fully expected her son would eventually recover. However, her boy finally reached the place where he could no longer talk or get out of bed. It was at that point that a fifth MRI was done that disclosed an inoperable tumor in the brain stem.

Throughout this unbelievable and painful journey, my colleague as well as thousands of other people were praying for the boy’s healing. She recounts how she would daily tell the Lord how God would receive recognition by working a miracle in her son’s life. She tried many other ways of bartering and pleading and rationalizing with the Almighty in order to receive the healing she so desperately wanted. It was not until the very end that she learned to accept the answer God had for her – not now.

God Said, Not Now

As we go through our lives, our Creator sometimes says to us – not now. Why? We don’t always know. I know myself; I have often struggled and exerted every bit of energy I could muster to make something happen. But it was not to be. God said, not now. Peace came when I gave up the struggle and accepted the outcome. It was some time later that I understood the reason why and even thanked the Lord for not giving me what I wanted at that time. Yet, in other instances, we may never know until heaven, the reasons why.

If there is something in your life you want very much, whether it be a healing, a financial miracle, or something else, God wants you to ask for it.  But God alone is the Almighty One and therefore knows what is best in every situation. Peace comes when we bring our requests before the Creator without dictating the end result. Peace comes rolling over us like a river, when we let go and accept the answer God has for us, trusting that the Lord alone knows what is best.

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