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Ode to Orange
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Well, it all started at the Coke machine at my dad's gas station. You see my brothers and I had the somber duty of filling the soda vending machine whenever we worked down at the station. The bottles of refreshment were entombed in the back storage shed and had to be brought out and placed in their respective rows awaiting the coins of thirsting customers. After we dutifully loaded the machine, we would always reward our Herculean efforts with a soda. After all, doesn't the Bible say, "don't muzzle the kids that fill the soda machine?"

I never did like carbonated, or fizzy drinks. And I still don't like them much. Open up the bottle, let them get a little flat and then I'm a happy camper. Amid the Cokes, the Squirts, the Quickie and the Root Beers there was only one soda that did not have carbonation and I loved this particular drink so much. It was called a Bireley's Orange Soda.

I don't think the company is in business anymore but it was through no fault of mine. I must have drunk thousands of those orange puppies and got a mouthful of cavities to prove it.

Drink of the gods

Now the funny thing is, I still positively love orange drinks. Tang is very popular and my family laments because I always want the orange flavored drink. I humor them by saying that orange Tang is "the drink of the gods" and I urge upon them their sacred duty to just make another liter so I can survive one more day. And if you're talking about dealing with those habits that rot our lives, I am afraid my orange buddy is of no help whatsoever.

Instead may I recommend God's Word, which is often called the Water of Life. If it has been buried in the bookshelf for some time, may I urge you to put it back in business, load it in the vending machine of your life and drink whenever thirsty. It will bless you. It will change you. And best of all, there is no carbonation!

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