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"Green" Gulf Coast
Photo: Studiomill
With communities destroyed by hurricanes along the Gulf Coast from Louisiana to Alabama in the past year, there are many opportunities to use “green” technology in the rebuilding process.

Global Green USA has sponsored a design contest titled “Sustainable Design Competition for New Orleans—Advancing the Sustainable Rebuilding of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.” Only a third of New Orleans residents still live in the same housing they occupied before Hurricane Katrina. Eight months later, more than half of the city sits silent and waiting for reconstruction. This is the time to make significant progress in designing affordable, ecologically responsible buildings and community centers.

Rebuilding Intelligently

Phase I of the design competition is done. Finalists have been selected by both a design jury and a technical jury. Members of these juries include architects, community leaders, and green design advocates, with Brad Pitt chairing the design jury. You can register at www.globalgreen.org to vote for your choice of energy-efficient, ecologically friendly, yet affordable design for both multi-family units and single family dwellings. As Brad Pitt said during a news conference, “We want to rebuild intelligently.”

Not sure that you understand what meets the “green” criteria? At GlobalGreen.org you will find a list of links the provide more information about “green” building techniques, 10 tips for greening your home, a glossary, and strategies for building in ecologically friendly ways.

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