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Quiet Time
Photo: Brad Harrison
My seven-year-old son chatted happily with me as we made our way, hand-in-hand, down the shaded dirt road that would lead to our destination. The dusty lane meandered toward the small beaver pond near my parents home where we would spend a few quiet moments together at the beginning of the day; groggy parent, and wide awake child.

We were on vacation for a couple of weeks, and arising early to walk together was a welcome change of pace from our usually busy morning activities. Without worry or care for what the day might bring, we allowed the morning to simply happen and enjoyed the relaxation of skipping stones across the quiet waters. I “breathed in” the morning, and thanked God for the precious gift of life and for time alone with my child to enjoy the simple pleasures of an unhurried day.

After skimming dozens of flat stones across the pond’s short expanse, and observing a tireless beaver hard at work, we made our way back to my parents home. The peaceful calm that this small excursion brought to my soul is indescribable, and I was reminded of the importance of stepping back from life to enjoy the quiet solitude of an ordinary morning.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28).

Rest For the Weary

I have pondered those words of Christ many times, but after that peaceful morning walk with my son, it hit me;  God wants to bring rest into my life through time spent together.

We were designed for that objective, but the frenzied pace of our daily existence often steals it from us. Schedules get so hectic, that the busy-ness of life often eclipses the true desires of our hearts for spiritual wholeness and perfect oneness with our Creator.

The invitation to “come to God” for rest still exists, and we need only to embrace that reality, that we might enjoy the tranquility that comes from the quiet moments spent with a Heavenly “parent.” We are promised joy, rest, and contentment if we will set aside quiet moments with our Creator, and all it takes…is time.

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