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Wait for Weights
Photo: Christopher Rayan
Maximize the calorie-burning benefits of your workout by tackling cardiovascular exercise before strength training.

Get Maximum Caloire Burn

Although all types of exercise — cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility — help you burn calories, cardio workouts result in the greatest calorie burn. Because of this, it may be best to do your cardio exercises first while you are fresh. You’re likely to spend more time on aerobic exercise and work out harder if you haven’t tired yourself out by doing other kinds of exercises first. On the other hand strength training results in the greatest boost in post-exercise calorie burning. It boosts your metabolism for a longer period of time, helping your body burn more calories after your workout is done. Ultimately this means that doing your cardio workout first can help ensure that you achieve the maximum calorie burn from it, and ending your workout with strength-training session helps ensure your post-exercise metabolism stays high.

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