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Preschoolers Math
Photo: Anissa Thompson
To help your young child get ready for math, give her practice now by using number, size and quantity words. Make a point of using these words yourself, and ask your child questions so she can respond in these words.

For example: At mealtime, ask your child if he wants a lot or a little, less than this or a little piece. Show him the picture of a group of people standing, including your child. Ask, “Who is the tallest and who is the shortest?”

Let your child help in the kitchen:  Show her how to measure out two tablespoons, mix in one-half cup, and so on.  Give her the measuring cups and spoons, along with a pan of dried beans for experimentation in quantities. How many teaspoons in a tablespoon, how many half cups in one cup, and so on.

It is more important that your child understand relationships in sizes and numbers, in order to relate this to every-day activities. Soon, your child will repeat long sequences of numbers, and math won’t be so scary.

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