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Eating Cornflakes
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Several years ago I had the privilege of meeting a very successful guitar player who lived in Los Angeles. A mutual friend had introduced us to one another and I will never forget our first meeting. When I entered his nice suburban home, I saw  many gold records neatly hung on the walls as momentos of all the hit albums he had played on. He had performed with almost every major artist and had toured the world. As I sat there in his living room, I wondered just how I was going to share Jesus with this very talented person.

During the course of our conversation we talked a little about the Bible and I knew he had more than a passing interest in God's Word and the Christian life. So I suggested that every week I would teach him about the Bible and he would mentor me in playing the guitar. This seemed to hit a responsive chord and we agreed to meet on a regular basis.

My inquisitive pupil always had an endless list of questions which I tried my best to answer. I understood he didn't need more information but a deep conversion. So I was patient with the process.

Absolute discipline

One thing that was very apparent in this man's life was the absolute discipline that guided his whole day. He had not become a great guitar player with just intermittent practice, but had spent many hours every day training himself in the art of playing the guitar. This methodical approach to acquiring a skill also extended to teaching himself how to sing and a daily exercise program. He always backed up his hard drive and there was never a file out of place on his computer. His home was as neat as a pin and I imagined that his socks were lined up in his drawer like little soldiers as well.

So I challenged my friend to apply the same discipline that he applied to so many areas of his life to his devotional life. I told him that just as he practiced his guitar everyday he needed to read his Bible in order to become better acquainted with God and His will. So he resolved to place his Bible on the kitchen table where he would methodically read it during his breakfast (which in musician time was around 3:00 in the afternoon)! He read God's Word faithfully everyday, rain or shine. After a few weeks he described his feeding on God's Word like "eating cornflakes." 

After several months of eating "cornflakes" my friend began to change. His conversion deepened and he made real progress in his spiritual life. Although all the questions have not been answered, there is an abiding peace, faith and joy in his life today. He has become closer to me than a brother and I consider it a great privilege to go over to his home and be a part of his life. He often thanks me for helping him grow spiritually--but we all know where the growth came from. It came from the "cornflakes." The daily feeding on God's Word worked the miracle of life, a new life, in my friend. Only one question remains for you: Have you had your cornflakes today?

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