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When Parents Travel
Photo: Tom Denham
Help your child adapt to your absence on a trip by developing some rituals around your departure and return. Here are a few ideas:

• Mark the route of your trip on a map.

• Record several favorite bedtime songs and stories on a tape to be played in your absence.

• Take two pictures of you and your child before leaving. You take one and leave the other with your child.

• Give your child permission to not worry and have fun while you are away. Rather than saying, “Take good care of Mommy/Daddy while I’m gone.” Instead say, “Mommy/Daddy will take good care of you while I’m gone.”

• Have prayer time individually with each child before leaving, thanking God for that child and asking His protection for each family member in your absence.

• Bring back a memento from your trip or add to an inexpensive collection (post cards, lapel pins or buttons, rocks, etc.)

• Go out to breakfast or have another treat when you return.

• Spend focused time with each child (and your spouse) within a day of your return.

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