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Slow Down
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In today’s society we, as women, find ourselves constantly juggling work, social activities, church activities, and school activities so much that our first priority – our home – is unwittingly neglected. We need to remember that while friends needs, church work, and other obligations may be good and important in and of themselves, that they are not our first calling. God has called us to be keepers at home (Titus 2:5) and if we are floundering at that, we need to take a step back and re-evaluate our priorities.

Our children and our husbands need our time - not just our presence. If you feel like you are always rushing from one place to another only to come home to a mountain of laundry and a cluttered house and a husband who feels second rate, you need to realize that you are not a super woman. You are a child of God who has a purpose set before you to live according to HIS will for your life.


Sit down and list your frustrations. What would make your life more enjoyable – simpler? Perhaps you need more time to get your household tasks done. Or perhaps you have been wasting the precious time while your children were little and you feel it slipping away. Maybe you have not been able to get your family around the dinner table for a hot meal in the evenings. What ever is lacking in your life, God has the power to help you change.

Make a decision to cut out those activities which do not allow you to focus on your home and family. Then, choose one or two things which you actually have time for. You’ll feel less stressed, your children will be thrilled to have mommy time and your husband will feel like a king when he comes home.

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