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When I was a little girl I asked a lot of questions, as most children do. When my patient father finally wearied of my jabbering he would ask me the question: Why do birds fly at night?” I had no answer to that. Nor did he. It just meant that not all questions have simple answers.

The Bible is full of questions and answers. I especially like the ones in the Psalms because they’re so easy to relate to, so human. They have that quality of universal emotional understanding that transcends time and culture. 

“…Where can I go and meet with God?...Where is your God?...Why are you downcast, O my soul? Why so disturbed within me?” (Psalm 42:2,3,5).

The psalmist is asking here the same questions humankind has wrestled with for centuries…Where is God? Does God know me? Does God really care? How can I connect with God? 

It’s OK to question God. Remember Job, right before the Psalms? He sure asked God a lot of questions! Why? Where? How? When? And God gave him lots of answers…good answers. Fascinating answers.

The truth is that God created human beings with holes in our hearts—God-shaped holes that can only be filled by a spiritual relationship. Oh, we may try desperately to fill our hearts by plugging those holes with other things—money, power, possessions, places, people—but it doesn’t work. Never has, never will. The peace and happiness keep seeping out and we still have that empty feeling. We ask again and again (as in verse 5), Why am I so depressed?

The answer is that humans are spiritual beings, and we will never be truly happy until we find our place with God. Then we can begin to experience the profound kind of happiness, the deep tranquility that can never slip away from us because it doesn’t depend on temporal things. Then we can recognize God’s gifts of love to us every day, and at night the song of God will be with us (verse 8).Then, and only then, can we say to ourselves, Put your hope in God and give praise to your Savior (verse 15).

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