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Traveling With God
Auto Steering Wheel
Photo: Clay Smith
It’s that time of year again when people cram themselves, their children and half their belongings into an automobile of some type and set off across the country in search of something called a vacation.

I’m secretly relieved and thankful that due to the high cost of fuel our family decided to spend a week at camp this summer instead of “going somewhere.” It will be so much simpler! And I’m sure we can experience family bonding through an adventure that doesn’t involve cramped conditions, overheated engines or flat tires.

As I reflect on my personal journey through life, I am struck by how many things have changed. For example, when I started out as a baby on this trip called life I wasn’t even aware that God was in my car. I was raised in a Christian home and throughout my childhood I believed in God, but I didn’t really know how to trust in Someone I couldn’t see or hear. During my teenage years I was baptized. I knew I needed God in my life, but just in the backseat, you know, in case of emergency.

Throughout college I tried to do what was right and always had God in the back of my mind. But after I was married and became a parent the awesome weight of being responsible for that tiny human life my husband and I had created suddenly shifted God up into the front seat of my car.

Letting God Drive

Now, as our kids are moving into the teenage phase, I really want God in the driver’s seat! I’ve grown spiritually because of my commitment to daily Bible study, the influence of Godly friends and family, and the encouragement of my dedicated prayer partners.

God is the perfect driver. God never drives too fast or too slow. God never falls asleep at the wheel. God never takes a wrong turn or lets the car run out of gas. God is totally committed to getting me and my family safely to the end of our trip. And when we pull up to those sparkling gates for the greatest vacation of all, I know I will be so glad I asked God to drive.

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