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God's Gifts
Photo: Matthew Hull
Whenever I phone my parents and our children are not around to talk to Granny and Grandpa they always say, “Give our love to the kids.” Then later I tell the family about our conversation and how their grandparents miss them and send loving thoughts and wishes for them.

Have you noticed lately how God sends you love? I can think of so many ways…the song of a bird outside my window, fresh, juicy fruits, the beautiful melody of a favorite hymn, the perfume of fragrant blossoms. 

Then there are the constant love messages from God that do not vary with the seasons-the caress of the breeze, the glory of sunrise and sunset, the perfect wonder of new human life in each baby I see. There are the loving embraces of family and friends, the joy of experiencing creativity, the comfortable companionship of like-minded friends.

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows” (James 1:7). God’s gifts are given abundantly and unselfishly. God gives because God is love. And genuine love always wishes the best for its receiver. The greatest gift God could ever give was Jesus. And because of that gift we can enjoy all the other presents that God so graciously sends. 

When I think that the greatest love letter ever written is from God to me, I find myself awash in gratitude and thankful awe. The Bible is filled with pictures of God’s love gifts and desires for us to be together. It is overflowing with encouragement and hope for a future that is brighter than I can ever imagine.

I know that life is beautiful, filled with joy, and truly worth living because “God sends his love and his faithfulness” (Psalm 57:3).

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