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Kitchen Tricks
Photo: Hemera
1. To cut down on the amount of fat you use in cooking, use olive or canola oil in recipes that call for butter or margarine. When using olive or canola oil, substitute a teaspoon when the recipe calls for a tablespoon. Less oil will work just as well and save a few calories, too.

2. For thicker, creamier soups, forget the flour, butter, or heavy cream. Instead, take out about half the vegetables and purée them in a blender until smooth. Then stir back into the soup.

3. To make a delicious sandwich spread, open a can of white or black beans, or chickpeas; drain, and rinse. Purée with garlic, lemon, cilantro, and ground cumin.

4. Bake whole sweet potatoes or yams instead of white potatoes. To cut cooking time in half, split the potatoes lengthwise, and bake them cut-side down in a pan lightly coated with olive oil. 


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