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Losing My Signal
Photo: Stefan Krilla
What had happened to my radio? For several days, I had noticed that my favorite Christian radio station was a fading jumble of music and speech. The signal had always been loud and clear. How dare that other station crowd out my usual listening choice! It was even evident that the offender was another Christian station with different music selections. Had something happened on a certain date to change the transmission power? 

I traveled a few miles hoping that would put me closer to a signal-transmitting tower and I would again hear my music. At one point, I moved the tuner ahead a few notches but then I totally lost my station. I bounced to another station selection but that was not inspiring. I shut off the radio and started to formulate the letter or email that I would send to my station: Do you realize that we are losing your signal? Is someone stealing your frequency?

I had started to believe that I would never enjoy radio again. My town would not feel as friendly or comfortable without those sounds. Finally, as I drove to a weekly Bible study class, I overheard a weak station promo with the familiar tune and their call numbers, Z88.3! As I glanced at the small radio display, I could see that I had been driving around with my radio set on 88.7. I hit the tuning button several times and my station returned with bright and clear reception. What a difference a few tenths of a number can make in radio reception! Perhaps another family member had driven my car earlier that week, and had changed the radio setting. Or I might have carelessly moved something while playing a compact disk. Anyway, I was glad I had not written to the station to complain, or mentioned it to my friends. I was thankful to have my music back, and the familiar voices of the announcers.

Lessons From a Radio Frequency

My journey with Jesus is so similar to tuning a radio station. Sometimes I am driving around feeling abandoned and uncomfortable. I lose the God signal, or only dimly hear Him. I have only moved a few tenths of a point away from Him, but the interference is incredible. Other Christians might even distract me! Sometimes I get careless or allow someone else to mess around with my tuner—I quit praying, reading the Bible, or fill in the time with worries or entertainment.

I do not even have to mess up big time to make a huge difference in how I am able to hear God in my life. Sometimes I am just racing around town with a lot of noise coming from the wrong settings. Then I move around trying to find a clearer message. I get aggravated with God and start to complain—"do you realize I am losing Your signal? Do you care that others are stealing Your frequency? Do something!"

Thankfully, about then, I open the Bible, I talk to a Christian friend, or I stumble along to church. I might even faintly hear Him give the familiar call letters:

“I am the Light of the World. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life” (John 8: 12).

“We must pay more careful attention, therefore, to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away” (Hebrews 2:1).

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