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Arthritis Relief
Man exercising
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Get a leg up on achy joints by exercising the pain away.

Resistance training, range of motion exercises, and walking increase quality of life and reduce pain and stiffness in people living with leg and knee osteoarthritis, a recent study reveals. For an exercise program designed especially for your needs, enlist the help of a physical therapist. To help keep you motivated, work out with a buddy.

For people with osteoarthritis, eating right and exercising can help ease pain, increase physical function, and improve quality of life. Make sure your fitness plan incorporates strength training, aerobic activities, range of motion exercises, and stretching to increase flexibility. If you have special limitations or severe pain, work with your healthcare provider to design a program that works for you. Over-the-counter pain medication may help ease aches before or after workouts. Follow your healthcare provider’s advice regarding medication, and omega-3-rich fish, flaxseeds and walnuts.

Making Healthy Choices Newsletter by Don Hall, Dr.PH,CHES, president of LifeLong Health

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