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Worth the Pain
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It was dark. The garden was quiet and although he’d brought his best friends with him – he was virtually alone. Although he’d asked them to stay awake and pray along with him – they fell asleep.

Jesus went a stone’s throw away from his three friends and fell on the ground. He cried out, “Oh My Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me.” He wanted to be comforted, but his friends slept. The same men that Jesus had spent nights praying for, could not stay awake for him during his hours of agony.

He called out to the strongest, a fisherman, used to hours of toil and labor. “Peter, are you asleep? Couldn’t you have watched with me one hour?” His agony was not just emotional and as he prayed for strength to fulfill the plan of salvation, “he was in such agony of spirit that his sweat fell to the ground like great drops of blood” (Luke 22:45).

I have no idea how that kind of suffering feels. It was superhuman agony and none of us has been faced with similar pain – although each of us can recall when we’ve been in pain and wished to have it removed.

While reading about Jesus in the garden, I was hit with a somewhat flawed and typically human comparison for what Christ may have felt as he asked to be released from his promise to die for our sins.

I'll Never Forget

It was 3 a.m., September 19, 1974. There were some twinges of pain across my back and lower abdomen. Scott was a little late in coming and I was more than ready to deliver the not-so-little bundle from Heaven. Larry and I went to the hospital. It was dark and I was scared. Twelve hours later, my twinges were replaced with full-blown labor pains.  

I had decided against general anesthesia – which was very popular for deliveries in the South in 1974 – and I was waiting for my physician to give me the appropriate local anesthesia. It wasn’t a large hospital and my obstetrician was in a solo practice. I could hear him in the delivery room across the hall coaching my roommate of a few hours earlier through her birth. I was in terrible pain. No one but my doctor could give me the anesthesia and he literally had his hands full. What little patience I had vanished as the pains increased. When I heard his kind voice assisting the other woman, I got angrier and angrier and found myself yelling at him to come and help me … now! How dare he ignore me when I was in more pain than any human should possibly have to endure. I honestly didn’t think I could stand one more pain and I would have done anything to be pain free – anything except not have that baby. My goal was to be a mother and nothing could make me quit before I accomplished that.

Now, when I try to describe to Scott how much I love him, I sometimes tell him, “You were worth every pain.” Someday in Heaven, Christ is going to sit under a fruit tree with me and instead of dwelling on the sacrifice he made for me, the drops of blood he shed for me and the pain and agony he suffered for me, he’s going to hold out his arms, draw me close to his heart and tell me, “Dee, you were worth all the pain.”

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