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Fatal Charge
Photo: James Stratton
Spring and summer offer more than fair skies and warm temperatures. They also can spark powerful storms bristling with lightning. To protect yourself, consider these life-saving tips:

Seek Shelter—Stay in an enclosed building and avoid doors, windows, and anything that conducts electricity. Leave picnic pavilions and rain shelters and seek safety in a car with the windows rolled up.

Get Away from Water—Don’t do dishes, laundry, or wash your hands. If you’re on a lake boating or swimming, head for shore and shelter immediately.

Don't use Electrical Appliances and Telephones with Cords—Lightning can follow electrical wires and phone lines right into your home.

Obey the 30-30 Rule—Seek a safer location immediately if the thunder occurs 30 seconds or less after the lightning. Once the storm has passed, wait at least 30 minutes after the last lightning flash before leaving shelter.

Avoid Lightening Targets—Stay away from trees and any tall, isolated structures. If caught in an open area, drop all metal items such as golf clubs and tennis rackets.                                                          

Mayo Clinic Health Letter

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