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The Sound of Colors
Publisher: Little, Brown
The imagination is a powerful thing. Use yours to imagine a child in the city—a child whose eyesight has faded away. How would you describe the scenario?

Author and illustrator Jimmy Liao drew upon his experience as a cancer survivor to celebrate the power of the imagination. The result is "The Sound of Colors—A Journey of the Imagination."

I found this wonderful book while browsing through the children’s section of a bookstore. The cityscape caught my eye—not a typical setting for audiences of any age. The colors drew me into the story.

“A year ago
I began to notice
that my sight was slipping away.
I sat at home alone
and felt the darkness settle around me.
But today I walked outside
into the thin gray rain
and made my way to the subway.
I have a journey to go on.
There are some things
I need to find.”

The insightful phrases touched my heart. “I have felt the darkness settle around me.” As I savored the details of the clever pictures, I appreciated the levels of meaning. The colorful pictures speak to those who cannot read. The lyrical text holds spellbound the audio-centered. Those who have felt the darkness will turn the visually-oriented pages as their thoughts turn inward into a journey of introspection.

Who among us has nothing for which to search? Multiple threads weave together to whisk readers through the pages on a journey of the imagination. A tiny, long-haired dog can be found on nearly every page—if one only looks closely. The incredibly detailed pictures capture the feeling of a subterranean transportation system. And words stimulate the development of a new perspective as thoughts search for things that need to found, especially emotional insight.

“. . .if all the subway tracks in the world join together. Then where would I go? Anywhere I can imagine.” As insightful as this sentence is, it doesn’t give away the ending. This book has to be experienced by people of all ages.

ISBN 0-316-93992-7

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