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Waiting Pays Off
A handful of money
Photo: Keith Syvinski
Training your children to save money will put cash in their bank accounts for the rest of their lives.

“I want to buy that pocket knife.” My son pointed through the glass case at the glistening knife nestled among a dozen others.

“Don’t you want to save up for something big?” I asked him.

“I changed my mind,” he quipped, “This is something that I really need right now.” His twelve-year-old eyes focused like a laser on the knife.

“Let’s think about it for a couple days,” I suggested. He reluctantly agreed while giving me one of those “Oh, Dad!” looks.

Parenting is all about loving guidance. And when it comes to teaching your kids about wisely using money, there will be regular opportunities to teach them the importance of self-denial. Learning to say ‘no’ is one of the most basic character qualities that will bless them for a lifetime and beyond. Why does waiting help kids with money management?

Setting Priorities

Waiting gives your child time to think. God gave us a brain and a heart. Sometimes we use one without the other and get into trouble. Waiting before purchasing gives your child time to reflect on priorities. It teaches your kids to put desire under the mastery of clear thinking.

Waiting helps your children remember others. Saving money gives your child a chance to think about blessing people in his or her life. The Bible says, “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35). Putting off a purchase and giving to people in need lets them experience the great gift of caring for others.

Waiting teaches your children to think long-term. By helping your child dream of bigger possibilities, you teach them a quality that will prepare them for adulthood. Working for an education, purchasing an automobile or home and avoiding unnecessary debt will save your child from a lot of heartache. Many people are trapped and discouraged by spending themselves into the slavery of debt.

A few days after my son asked about purchasing the pocketknife, our other children asked us about purchasing a trampoline and safety net for our back yard. I told them we weren’t able to do this right now. Suddenly, my son (who wanted the pocketknife) said, “I bet if we put our money together, we could buy it!”

And sure enough, they did. Waiting paid off.

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