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Prayer Station
Photo: Center for Creative Min.
Youth and young adults took to the streets of New York City to protest recently. No, it’s not what you’re thinking. They were seeing too many people walking the streets seemingly living lives of quiet desperation. They didn’t think anyone should have to live like that, and so they set up prayer stations.

The station consisted of a table and a simple sign over it saying ‘Prayer Station’. If someone was curious what the station was about, the young people would explain that they believed prayer changes things and then ask the person what part of his or her life was most troubling.

As soon as a response was given, whoever wanted to be a part of the circle would hold hands and one person on the prayer team would say a short prayer.

A warm response

Tyisha stopped by. This single mom who had two kids and an aging parent living with her in a small apartment asked for prayer that they would be able to stay warm through the winter with the heating fuel increases that were being predicted in the news.

Miguel paused at the table and asked for prayer for a co-worker who was chronically ill and his doctors still did not have a diagnosis for his health problems and were running out of good options for treating him.

Chiming watched the prayer station from afar before she cautiously approached. She said in quiet tones that her brother had all his paperwork in place to immigrate to the United States but that he had not been approved yet. She wondered if that was an appropriate request for prayer.

Roberto had a huge fight with his girlfriend the night before and he was walking to the corner market to pick up some flowers to take to her.  He asked for a prayer that the outcome of his apology would turn out well.

About as fast as a 15-second commercial, each person was there and gone but the memories will last a lifetime.

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