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Easter Celebrations
Photo: Anka Draganski
All those little pink and blue chicks are kind of cute, and lots of kids like to have an Easter egg hunt. But think about it – is the Easter Bunny really teaching your child anything valuable?

Now wait -- I’m not downing traditions. If your family enjoys the artistic process of painting eggs, go for it! There are, however, many other meaningful ways of celebrating Easter that focus on the true reason for the holiday – the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In springtime, the theme of new life is overwhelmingly upon us. Everywhere we turn we see new baby animals, new shoots poking through the ground and new flowers on the trees. As you point these wonders out to your children, gently explain to them about the wonder of new life in Christ. When your children need new clothing for the warmer weather use that opportunity for talking about how, in Christ, the old things pass away and all things become new (2 Corinthians. 5:17).

Baskets of Grace
If giving Easter baskets is a part of your family celebrations, include a living plant or flower (again, the “new life in Christ” idea) and a bookmark or magnet with a special Bible verse. If possible, find a name card to give each child which tells the meaning and history of the name. Remind him/her that God planned everything about him before he was born and that angels have been watching over him every day of his life. Then encourage your kids to take a basket or bouquet to someone who is ill or alone as a way of saying thank you to Jesus.

Some communities present a neighborhood Easter pageant, portraying the last week of Christ’s life on earth. Attend one if you can – or better yet, participate in it. The story has new meaning as you see and hear it acted out.

On Easter morning, if your family is willing, go somewhere to watch the sunrise. Then sing together a song about the resurrection, such as “Because He Lives” or “Christ the Lord Is Risen Today.” Ask each family member to pray, thanking God for the supreme sacrifice of Jesus Christ and the promise of eternal life because of the resurrection.

Now that’s something truly worth celebrating!

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