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Would You Change?
Photo: Kristal Lindo
I was watching the Today Show one morning and Tracy Chapman, a popular musician, sang a song called Change. The song began with the words:

If you knew that you would die today,
If you saw the face of God and Love,
Would you change? Would you change?

As often happens, my thoughts were turned to God's will for my own life and what I was doing to hinder my relationship with Christ or what things I needed to change to truly become the woman God would have me to be.

I have asked others this question before, but it never hurts to ask it again... and again... and again. If you knew without a doubt that Jesus would come in the clouds six months from now, what would you change about yourself, your attitudes, your habits, your relationships?

The Hour is at Hand

Because the fact is, Jesus is coming soon! We need to live like He could return tomorrow! We know not the hour, but the hour is at hand.

Yes, we are all busy. Yes, we have to live our lives. But there is always something we can improve. Whether it is spending regular time in prayer, or making sure that we have family worship every day with our children, or being examples of Christ to our loved ones... there is something you can do today to share God's light.

Even the great men of the Bible were not perfect. They were human. They made lots of mistakes. But with each mistake came a plea for forgiveness. We can each learn from our mistakes, be more faithful and apologize when we screw up.

Begin your day with thoughts of God’s love and end it with reflections of the same. When we do so our hearts will be changed, and our friends and family will be drawn to seek God as well!

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