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Sabbath Rest
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People in today’s world find it difficult to take a day off every week, a day in which no work, no finances, and no business takes place. But the hardest worker of all, the Creator, set an example for us long ago when He worked for six days to create a perfect place for us to dwell and then rested on the seventh day. The Bible tells us, “God blessed the seventh day and made it special because on that day he rested from his work” (Genesis 2:3). God is smart! He knows we need a day of rest every week to make our lives as healthy as possible. That’s why God gave us a perfect example at the start of this world.

I used to work for a man named Lloyd who owned a construction business. He was a good man and had a good heart but I think he wore himself out. He was always on the move and always had something to do. First of all, owning your own business is a hard job that takes a lot of time and dedication. On top of running his business, Lloyd coached girl’s little league soccer, and went to his son’s soccer games. The soccer games took him on tournaments all over the Mid-Atlantic States. On the weekends when there was no tournament, he would either go “Jeeping” to the mountains with his other son or he would work in his construction business.

Fading Fast

Needless to say, Lloyd was always stressed and his health was fading fast. He badly needed a day of rest, maybe even many days of rest.

Researchers have confirmed that a regular day of rest will relieve people of stress and anxiety, and help them become more self-controlled and confident.1 Unfortunately, many people will not take the advice of science, let alone God’s advice.

Next Sabbath, spend some time alone and get some real rest. Don’t turn the TV on unless you are watching something inspirational. Spend time with your family and reflect on the greatness and goodness of our Creator. Pray to God and listen for His still small voice. You will be re-energized and ready to go back to another six days of work.

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By David Wolstenholm. Copyright © 2010 by GraceNotes. All rights reserved. Use of this material is subject to usage guidelines. Scripture taken from the CONTEMPORARY ENGLISH VERSION ®.

1 Myers, David G. and Jeeves, Malcolm A., "Psychology Through the Eyes of Faith" (New York: HaperCollins, 2003), 67-71.

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