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Important to God
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Sabbath School class began with singing. Children chose their favorites and sang with great enthusiasm. The lesson was a familiar story, that of Zacchaeus. Children love that story and the song with motions.

Before sending them to tables for a craft, the leader called the class up to her giving each a small piece of paper. “Please draw something that is small and is precious to God,” she explained.

Excitedly, this class of five and six year olds returned to their seats, busy with the new task. After a few minutes, she asked them to share what they had drawn.

One little boy drew a blueberry saying that he loves blueberries. A little girl drew a ladybug in quite a bit of detail.

Other drawings showed seeds, flowers, and even Zacchaeus.

My grandson was the last one in line. “What did you draw?” the teacher questioned. With a huge smile, he confidently replied, “It’s me! I am sort of little and I am important to God.”


He was spot-on with understanding the message. I thought of the process that brought him to that point, the effort that his parents have taken, the dedication they have shown as they spend time each evening singing songs and praying before bed, the Bible stories told and retold, the thoughtful answers to his many questions. I thought of the many hours he has spent in the garden playing, tending, and harvesting.

Teaching a child about his or her value to God takes deliberate effort. It takes time each day to draw that child into God’s presence.

As I pondered his response, I found myself wondering how different things would be if we all understood and remembered the message that we are important to God, no matter what our circumstances or lot. He tells us in so many ways—those tiny treats, plump blueberries, seeds to grow, delicate blossoms, intriguing ladybugs, and much more.

God has given us stories and histories that demonstrate His love and care. Every time I pick up His Word, He reveals his love and my importance to Him. “I have loved you, my people, with an everlasting love. With unfailing love I have drawn you to myself” (Jeremiah 31:33).

Wherever we turn in God’s Book, the words draw us to our loving and accepting Heavenly Father, reminding us that we are important to Him.

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