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Lost but Found
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Feeling very proud that I was heading to bed earlier than usual, I decided it might be a good idea to check my appointment calendar. After all, I might have forgotten something over the long weekend. I reached into my purse and felt for the familiar glossy booklet. Not finding it right away, I turned on the overhead light and emptied my purse. It simply wasn’t there. I reached for another purse I had used a few days before and found nothing except one lone shiny penny. Where could it be?

Soon I had checked under the bed, under sofa cushions, in the recycling container, and in the files in my computer bag. Resolved that I must have overlooked it, I began the search again, first with my purse and then moving to the living room. This time around I and searched under the sofa. Feeling utterly defeated, I crawled into bed mentally taking note of the telephone calls I would need to make the next day to inquire about upcoming appointments.

Feeling Frustrated

“Lord, please show me where it is,” I prayed. Then convinced that I had just missed looking in some obvious place, I got up and began the search again. An hour later I returned to bed feeling frustrated over misplacing something so important. “Why hadn’t I put that information into my phone or iPad?” I wondered.

Awake before the alarm I hurried to get ready for work. My desk was the last hope. Then, lifting my bag into the car, my eyes rested on a magazine my daughter-in-law had given me. Underneath it was the calendar. “Thank you, Lord,” I said aloud.

I settled into the driver’s seat and paused before turning the key in the ignition. One of my favorite chapters, Luke 15, tells the stories of The Lost Sheep, The Lost Coin, and The Lost Boy. I thought of my search the night before and of how God searches for us with a tireless, relentless love. He never gives up in His pursuit. When we come to Him, He rejoices. “In the same way God’s angels are happy when even one person turns to him” (Luke 15:10).

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