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Worried Sick
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Worrying is second nature to me. I have very early memories of worrying about everything from getting to school in inclement weather to what team I would be on at recess. Looking back, I can laugh at how trivial the things that worried me were. However, it doesn’t stop me from worrying about small matters now. It doesn’t matter that 95% of what I worry about doesn’t come to fruition. To me, the worst could happen so I feel better prepared if I have “a plan” to deal with whatever could go wrong.

Whenever the thing I worry about doesn’t happen I only feel a brief respite before moving on to the next doom looming on the horizon. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I worried about having a miscarriage, giving birth, and everything in between. Now that my daughter is here, I have found a whole new set of worries, real and imagined, that plague me.

I have heard the statistics and consequences of chronic worrying. It can cause a host of negative physical reactions such as headaches, fatigue, nausea, and more. If these are experienced long enough, they can lead to even more serious conditions such as digestive disorders and suppression of the immune system.*

Consume Me

Unfortunately, I have experienced some of these first hand as a result of my perpetual worrying. The pattern of these thoughts is hard to break. Once I fall into that mindset, worrying seems to consume me and affect every area of my life. It can be a crippling problem.

There are spiritual consequences to chronic worrying as well. Worry is the opposite of faith. It is telling God I can’t trust Him enough to take care of my future. Satan uses worry to distract and discourage me. Even though I know it doesn’t help anything, I can’t stop on my own.

I have found some ways to deal with worrying. The main antidote is to make a conscious decision to stop thinking those repetitive thoughts and give my worries over to God. I pray that He gives me the strength to discontinue these thoughts. This isn’t a once and done deal. Sometimes I have to do it many times throughout the course of the day. I acknowledge how I feel and that it isn’t necessarily in tune with reality. I might genuinely be worried about a situation, but must logically acknowledge it isn’t likely to happen.

God never forces me to trust Him but He is waiting to bless me with the peace that comes in fully turning over my anxiety to Him.

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