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Love Casts Away Fear

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While motherhood is one of the best gifts God has given to me, I have to admit there is a symptom of this season that I fight to suppress. 


I noticed it almost right away. At just 10 weeks pregnant I began having vivid dreams of my husband either dying tragically or leaving me for another woman. 

The fear didn’t stop after my son was born. Suddenly the world seemed much more dangerous. My mama bear instincts wanted to keep people from touching my baby and I resisted the attempts of strangers who wanted to chat with my little boy as he grew into a toddler. The term “stranger danger” was invented by moms like me. 

When I confessed this to a few of my pregnant or newly mothered friends, they admitted similar insecurities. It seems to be a built-in emotion that all mothers experience. While I recognize it as a valuable tool to keep my child safe, I also began to realize it was getting in the way of my ability to love. 

The news of kidnappings, child abuse by caretakers, or other terrible events fed the flames of my fear and influenced my relationship with others; even friends and family. 

God Challenged Me

Thankfully, God challenged me. One day, when my smiley, social eight-month-old and I were grocery shopping, I felt God’s powerful voice. 

I was reaching towards the back of a cooler to retrieve the freshest yogurt possible, when I heard unmistakable baby giggles. I turned around and to find a disabled man in his motorized chair beaming a contagious smile. My son and he seemed to connect in a way that was almost spiritual. Their radiating happiness softened my fear and it was as if God were sitting in that chair saying, “your childMy childis a shining light. Please don’t let your fear stop him from sharing my love. Trust me and put your fear aside.

The Bible tells us that love casts away fear. 

“Such love has no fear, because perfect love expels all fear. If we are afraid, it is for fear of punishment, and this shows that we have not fully experienced his perfect love. We love each other because he loved us first” (1 John 4:18).

A few things changed for me that day. While I admit to the occasional fear relapse, I am much quicker to check myself. I am more willing to let my son engage with a stranger and ask to pet a dog. And now, each morning, when our family pauses by the door for our goodbye prayer, we don’t just ask Him to keep us safe while we’re apart. We ask Him to help us be a blessing and a light to the world. We ask that our smiles to strangers and loving actions will spread God’s love and help to heal a hurting world.

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