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Mistaken Identity
Photo: Helmut Gevert
Two of my 10-year-old son’s best friends are Mark and Miles. Not only are these boys brothers, they’re twins --identical twins. They are so much alike that sometimes their own parents have to stop and take a second look to tell them apart.

Although our families have been friends for over two years, I still can’t tell the boys apart with any sort of consistency. One of them had a bad scratch on his nose for a while, and that really helped. Then it healed and I was back to guessing again. The twins often dress alike, or sometimes they switch shirts—one will be wearing a certain shirt and the next time I see them the other one is wearing it! It’s so confusing that I’ve almost given up trying to identify them correctly.

Mark and Miles, however, seem to enjoy the confusion they cause. (I guess that’s better than being constantly annoyed at people for calling them by the wrong names.) For example, one day the boys decided to try fooling Mark’s music teacher. Since Mark plays the violin and Miles takes piano lessons both boys can read music. Miles pretended to be Mark, holding the violin properly and managing to squeak out Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. But it didn’t take the teacher very long to figure out that something was not right with her student. Indeed, this was not her student at all, but a “look-a-like” imposter!

You Have to Know Them

When I asked my son for clues in telling his friends apart he replied, “Oh, it’s easy, Mom. You just have to know them.” Obviously, the reason the twins don’t seem alike to him is because he has spent considerable amounts of time with them, talking, laughing, going for hikes and working on projects. He knows their facial expressions, mannerisms, habits, voice intonations.

As I consider my own Christian growth, what lessons can I learn from my son and his friends? I must ask myself: Am I able to accurately distinguish between truth and error? Can I tell the true identity of people—are they really who they profess to be? Have I spent enough time with Jesus and in the study of the Word to avoid being deceived? Do I know Jesus well enough to tell Him from an imposter?

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