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Touch of Faith
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According to Jewish tradition, she was suffering from a humiliating disease. She was considered “unclean”—shut off from society. To make matters worse, people in her day were taught that illness was God’s punishment for their sins.

For twelve years she had tried everything to get well. She’d spent all her money going to doctor after doctor, but none had a cure that would stop her bleeding. This woman’s story in Mark 5:25-34 says that she had heard about Jesus. What had she heard? That he was kind? Approachable? That He could heal any disease—even raise the dead?

Whatever she’d heard, Jesus was her last chance. She had no one else to turn to. But she had a problem. Not only was her illness embarrassing, the law prohibited her from being in public and in close contact with people. Then how could she approach Jesus and ask to be healed? She came up with a plan.

“If I just touch his clothes, I will be healed,” she thought to herself. Without calling out the required, “Unclean!” before she entered the crowd surrounding Jesus, she quietly made her way toward Him. Edging up behind Him, no eye contact was made and no words were spoken. Yet she had enough faith to believe that if she simply touched the clothes Jesus was wearing, even that would heal her.

She Didn't Grab

So she touched. She didn’t grab in desperation. She just quietly touched. And immediately her bleeding stopped!

There are many lessons in this woman’s story. The one that stands out to me today is that when we are sick, Jesus is approachable—both at the beginning of an illness and when doctors fail to find a cure.

Will Jesus always heal immediately like He did this woman? No, not always. There are people I love who will have to wait until Heaven to be healed—but He will ultimately heal! If you go to Jesus and you’re not immediately healed, you still have much to gain. You can gain comfort when you’re afraid, companionship when you’re lonely, and hope when you’re discouraged. So the touch of faith is more than physical healing. It’s connecting with the One who gives life—both here and eternally. 

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