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White Robes
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I'd like to think that I'm an hospitable person. I'd like to. The truth is, though, there are times when I kind of have to push myself to do the hospitable act. For example, our church had a visitor attend recently. No one knew him, nor did we know where he was from. Naturally, the members spoke to him and welcomed him to our service. As I sat in church, though, I wondered what more I should do. Should I invite him to our home for lunch? Then the silent conversation with myself began.

Of course you should invite him home for lunch, I told myself. But you really don't even know this person. Maybe you should ask Mark first, I answered. Mark would be fine with it. And so went the conversation until finally the Holy Spirit broke in and said, Picture him in a white robe.

That was it. Picture him in a white robe. So I glanced over my shoulder to a back pew where the man was seated, intently listening to the speaker. And...I pictured him in a white robe. In heaven. With Jesus. Wow! What a change came over me! My whole attitude was instantly transformed. It didn't matter who this man was or where he came from. He was here seeking to know more about God. Of course we would ask him home for lunch!


This man has been attending church with us every week since that day and is taking an active part in the services. And I am taking an active part in picturing other people in white robes! Try it. It's amazing how one's enthusiasm can sky-rocket when truly imagining people in their heavenly home...where they belong.

I have found that this attitude is not only helpful in the area of hospitality, but also in dealing with difficult people. Picturing a less-than-heavenly person in a heavenly setting is powerful in helping us see their need for compassion and tolerance and love and for actually wanting them to end up with that robe! Hopefully, other people are paying us the same favor.

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