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Please Listen!
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A woman that I've become acquainted with through my co-workers is occupying my mind greatly these days. She has fallen into deep depression, and the darkness is consuming a person who only a few months ago was vibrant, self-motivated, and productive. I have witnessed the counsel of her friends, family, and even her doctor. Still, she becomes increasingly depleted. Having gone through major depression myself for several years and coming out of it through a lifestyle program*, it is very difficult for me to watch her struggle when I feel so certain that her life could be renewed as mine was.

So when I saw Mary a few days ago in a store, I asked her how she was doing. She didn't need to answer. The tell-tale signs of depression were engraved in her face. Her eyes were clouded and rimmed with tears ready to spill at any moment. The color in her face was pale, and her body was obviously thinner. The smile that she forced did not belong to her, and her voice was raspy and thin.

There was no way I was letting her go without sharing my experience of recovery with her and offering to help her take the same path. So I wrapped my arm around her sunken shoulders and gave her a quick appeal. She said she might call me. I pray that she does. In fact, I am praying several times a day that she does. I feel a burning desire to help Mary return to life again, and I know it will work if she will just ask how.

Calling for Help

Hmmm...sound familiar? Oh, maybe not the part about depression. You may not have any issues with that. But what about the part about calling for help. I think of how hard it is to wait for Mary to ask for help, and then I think how God must feel the same way about me at times! God is there with help in every situation, but it's up to us to ask God to take action with us. Why would we ever hold back? Oh, lots of reasons. None of them are good ones, of course, but we have them nonetheless.

When I think of my burning desire to help Mary, I also consider God's burning desire to help us in our spiritual wellness. God is infinitely trustworthy and is eagerly standing by to help. If for some reason, you haven't been listening to God's tender voice, now would be a perfect time to begin.

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*Depression Recovery Program, www.nedleyhealthsolutions.com

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