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God’s Dusty Hands
Photo: Robert Linder
The Bible provides us with beautiful soul literature, including poetry. There’s a certain sweetness of heart in poetic words, even when expressing lament. David, known as the Psalmist, certainly expressed an array of emotions as a poet-songster-musician. He brought his heart to God in song.

Poetry covers the gamut of expression. All true poetry certainly isn’t religious, yet poetry by its very type is uplifting to the senses, from exquisite wording to the most ordinary. The poem in this article, “God’s Dusty Hands” expresses how God used something as simple as mud in a variety of ways: to create Adam, to bring a son to his senses, and to heal a blind man; all these occasions involved the same substance in different forms called dirt, mud or dust.

When God became man’s Potter, molding a human form; Adam literally emerged from earth dirt. God the Rescuer entered into a stench-filled pigpen, leading the repentant son back home. The man blind from birth, felt God’s healing fingers apply a mud poultice—and when he opened his eyes he saw his doctor: Jesus! Evidences of youth were noted, as Adam walked uprightly in his young-man humanness, the prodigal surely leaped into the air (a common Biblical way of expressing elation) and the blind man? He surely danced because that’s what Jewish men do when filled with spiritual joy and celebrating; all were infused with a young spirit.
God’s Dusty Hands

An awesome thought, is it not?
The scene of God kneeling down
To pick up dirt to create mankind,
Yet he did just that, without a frown,
Because of love.

And as He shaped that glob of clay
Into a comely form named Adam;
He who breathed stars into being
Smiled and breathed life into him,
Because of love.

Then, another frame of time:
God plucked a wayward son from a pigpen,
Leading him back home to where
A father’s empty arms held open,
Because of love.

With a mud poultice, another God scene
Found His hands patting blind eyes
As the blind one called, “I see!”
His faith received sweet prize,
Because of love.
Don’t’ you just love God’s dusty hands?
by Betty Kossick

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