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School Success!
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Our kids will finish the school year in a few weeks. Do you remember what those last few weeks of school were like? I remember looking out the classroom window at the beautiful, sunny, weather and longing to spend the day riding my horse. Maybe your child is daydreaming about summer, too. Here are some things that you as a parent can do to help them finish their school year with success.

Keep them on a schedule. It’s tempting to stay up late when the evenings are getting longer and warmer. But sleep is vital as your child finishes papers, projects, and prepares for final exams.

Keep tract of their progress. It’s easy for kids to let homework slide as school comes to a close. So make sure that you know what’s due and when. If you have concerns, talk with your child’s teacher. They will love hearing from a concerned parent!

Get involved. Studies have shown that when parents are involved at their child’s school, the child gets better grades. So volunteer to go on end-of-the-year field trips, help with parties, and proudly attend those final band and choir concerts.

Be a mentor and cheerleader. If your child needs help to get caught up on some back work, or has a major year-end project, offer to sit by them and help answer any questions. If they are able to do it on their own, cheer them on with verbal praise and maybe a special treat.

Encourage reconciliation. If your child has had a tough year with a teacher or another student, encourage him or her to make things right before school is out. Whether they owe someone an apology, or someone owes them one, help them know what to say to that person. Maybe even role-play a conversation. Help your child to experience the freedom that comes from making things right with others.

Plan a celebration. Yes, kids are expected to go to school and do their best. But why not celebrate their accomplishment of finishing another year? Plan an event together that will give them something to look forward to: a family picnic, a water balloon fight with friends, a camping trip, an outdoor movie night with friends in your backyard, or something as simple as a trip to the ice cream shop.

Be a personal trainer. A professional personal trainer encourages and pushes a client to work hard and not give up until the workout is over. Remind your child that “It’s not over until it’s over” and to finish the year in a way that they can look back on with pride at their accomplishments.

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