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To Do List Priorities
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Spring has sprung in our neck of the woods, and everything is turning green. Everywhere grass is springing up with new growth, including in our garden. The season of weeding has begun! So this afternoon my mom and brother and I went out to the garden and spent several hours annihilating the presence of grass. Our conversation flitted back and forth across our big garden expanse as we chatted about this and that. The work was hard, but our companionship made it enjoyable.

As I was weeding, it struck me how doing things with others is how you build strong relationships. Do you ever wonder why you argue with your siblings; or parents, why your children never get along? I realized that a positive fix to this problem, is to spend quality time together. Making a point to do work together, as well as recreation, creates harmony in a home.

Spend most of the day focused on our own agenda, working towards our own end, can unknowingly develop a very selfish heart. Then when someone intercepts our plans for the day we get irritated. Instead of creating an agenda for the day that only includes me, myself and I, we need to include time spent with our family; whether it be our spouse, children, or siblings.

Spend Time Together

Growing up, and to this day, my family always made it a priority to spend time together. During the winter Mom would read books out loud to us in the evening, and during the summer we would work outside together, and go on camping trips and picnics.

When my siblings and I were young, we spent hours together playing along our creek; building forts and swimming in the cold water. When you spend time together, it’s not about doing extravagant activities, or having a “formal” family counsel. It’s about making time for your family, and loving what they love and doing with them what they would like to do. At first you may find that your children don’t care to spend any time together, or your siblings don’t have any interest in being with you, but keep persisting, and you will find that hearts will change.

As summer rolls around, and your to-do list gets longer, make a point to add family time to that list. Your family will reap the benefits.

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