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Calorie Cutback?
So how is that New Year’s goal going to lose weight? Has discouragement set in, and you’ve given up trying? Maybe you’ve done your absolute best, but you’re still not seeing results. Well, don’t be discouraged. Hopefully the information I have to share with you will give you some new insights on the subject.

The most common thing people are told when they need to lose weight, is to cut the calories. So they cut back calories, only to find they have less energy and don’t lose any significant amount of weight. The problem here, lies in the huge focus on calories. People are concentrating more on the number of calories they eat, than on the type of food they are eating.

In our stomach there are receptors that let us know when we are full. When we eat a meal, they tell us when our stomach has had enough and to stop eating. If we listen to that feeling, and quit eating when we are satisfied, we can maintain a healthy weight. But, if we are not eating the right types of foods, we can gain weight even if we quit eating at that point of fullness.

Different Amounts of Calories

The reason for that, is this: the same quantity of two different foods, can contain different amounts of calories. For example, in 100 grams of fast food french fries, there are 312 calories. But in 100 grams of brown rice, there are only 111 calories. In 100 grams of blueberries there are 57 calories, and in 100 grams of romaine lettuce there are just 17 calories.1 You get the idea.

If we eat french fries until we reach that point of fullness, we will consume more calories than if we were to eat a plate full of vegetables and whole grains until we were full. When we eat a meal, we should focus more on the type of food, rather than the amount of calories we are consuming.

Notice what kinds of foods had less calories. They were the foods in the form that God created them. Fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and seeds, in their original state, are what we should be consuming. Not packaged foods from the shelf of the grocery store that have fifty ingredients on the label. God created food in just the perfect “package” our body needs.

So place those whole foods on your plate, and then eat until you are satisfied. You won’t need to worry about calories; just make sure you stop when you are pleasantly full.

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