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You’ve Got to Love It!
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As the blooming season returns, we humans want change in our lives, as well as in the environment and weather. The clothing stores are well aware of this human desire, because big money is spent on ads to attract women, men, and children to change their attire with each season. Marketing folks try their best to convince us that we’ve just got to love the latest style, when in reality the latest style may look terrible on us.

Oftentimes, we actually do become a bit stale during the winter months. If we’re older members of society, why not become fresh in some way? There’s nothing wrong in getting a new outfit if we can afford it. In the spring, if I buy new I want it to be like the season--colorful. Though I enjoy color in any season.

During the past winter I went to lunch and shopping with my friend Carole, and I bought a coral-colored scarf. Every time I wore it on those dreary winter days, people told me that the color was so cheerful. One lady, in her 90s happily exclaimed to me, “I think that it’s wonderful that we older ladies are allowed to wear color these days. All old women wore black when I was young. It made them look really old. We look younger because we wear color.”

Indeed! And it occurred to me that I recall reading where the granddaughter of the Christian writer Ellen White remembered her grandmother giving her women friends bolts of fabric or dresses already sewn, including, red, blue, and golden color. She discerned the need for the sensible use of color in dresses.


However, most people become more interestingly-new by adding to their knowledge store rather than to their closet. If we’re older members of society we may be thinking of taking a class at the community college, but keep putting it off. Why not now? For instance, we might want to study photography or learn to play the guitar? Maybe join Toastmasters? Join a book club? Then after we’ve learned these new skills we can volunteer to use them as a part of our Christian ministry.

If your church doesn’t have an official church photographer, why not offer to be it? Play that guitar for a local senior center or nursing home, surprise your pastor and offer to present a sermon after you’ve polished proficiency as a public speaker, of course. And share with others something you’ve learned from the latest book you’ve read. Unless that is, they want to read it themselves, so then you wouldn’t want to give away their chance for new discovery.

It may seem that I’m suggesting this only to those older among us, but any of these ideas done by the younger-aged will keep them young by growing newer. When we become new, at any stage of living, we feel younger, and sharing with others enhances the feeling of youth and newness. And without a doubt, you’ve got to love it!

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