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The Price is Right
Photo: Jan Sundstedt
One foggy Sunday morning in November, I spread boxes of lamps, collectables, furniture, and other items on the cement driveway and held a yard sale. At first, traffic was slow. But around 10 a.m., the fog lifted, and bargain hunters converged upon the yard in droves. Within two hours, 75% of the “stuff” was gone, and so were the shoppers.
It amazed me that people wanted to buy everything in sight, if the price was right. They even wanted to purchase my truck, the throw rug in the back of the vehicle and the rope I use to tie things down in the bed! These items were not even in the sale!

It was exciting to receive money for things I didn’t need. But the most fun I had was giving people good deals and even letting a few things go for free. The expression of joy on people’s faces was priceless. They looked as if they couldn’t believe it!

I imagine that’s how our Creator feels when one of the royal children (and we’re all kids of the King), learns for the first time that the plan of salvation is absolutely free. We don’t have to work for it and, in fact, there’s absolutely nothing we can do to earn it. Of course, an infinite price has already been paid but we don’t have to pay it. God’s Son took the hit for us on the cross. 

Amazing! Now, all we have to do is reach out and take it, accept it. We can have forgiveness, changed lives and eternity, all for the asking. It’s free! All we have to do is accept the Giver, and the gift.

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