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Savor the Moments
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One of my favorite breakfasts is oatmeal topped with honey, walnuts, and almond milk, seasoned with cinnamon.

While my oatmeal finished cooking one recent morning, I chopped the walnuts, retrieved the almond milk from the refrigerator and pulled the honey from the cupboard. Piling the cooked oats into my bowl, I dressed the hot cereal with my toppings then reached into the spice cupboard for the cinnamon. My mind raced ahead to the day before me. So many things to do! Opening the jar, I shook out a couple of shakes of the cinnamon, but what greeted my nostrils was not the familiar, spicy smell of cinnamon. Oh, no! I had just sprinkled cumin on my oatmeal!

Honestly, I’m not a ditz. The cumin and cinnamon containers look exactly the same except for the difference in the words on the front. In my haste I grabbed the wrong C spice container. Fortunately the powdery substance was easily removed and then replaced by the desired cinnamon, allowing me to still enjoy my oatmeal.

If we had time I could tell you about the hurried morning when I grabbed the hairspray instead of the body spray and spritzed myself with the sticky substance, requiring a quick, unscheduled shower.

Do you ever make mistakes because you are not in the moment? Your mind is racing a dozen different directions and you miss out on what is going on right now?

Not Really There

Sprinkling cumin on hot oatmeal or spritzing your body with hairspray are one thing. But what about the moments we miss in relationships because we are there in body, but not in mind or spirit? I cringe when I think of the times I have been present, but not really there with friends, family or work associates.

When you look back over the standout days of your life my guess is that you, like me, remember the moments where time practically stood still. We don’t remember the days when we hustled and bustled, multitasking to get all the things done on our list, all the while thinking ahead to the next thing. We remember simple pleasures like beautiful sunsets, a great meal with friends, gazing into the face of our newborn, or close family times.

The days whiz by and we only nibble at the feast God provides. We are in such a hurry that we don’t take time to really savor life. We are hooked on the adrenaline rush of accomplishment to the point that we miss out on the small pleasures that are gifts from God every day.

Jesus, our perfect example, lived as full a life as anyone; yet you never get the idea that he rushed. Composed and confident, He paused to hold and bless babies, as well as patiently heal the long lines of people who needed His touch.

Remind me, Lord, that it is not your plan for me to rush. Help me slow down and savor each moment of my life!

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