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Goal-setting There’s certain trepidation in goal-setting. When we set goals, we can’t help but wonder, will I make it? Have you ever set goals and didn’t make it? If you never missed a goal, I’d sure like to meet you and learn your secret of unfailing success. Regardless, goals are what keep us motivated and, as we age, goal-setting is definitely one way to stay young.

If we live without goals, life becomes a big bore. However, when we continue to accomplish new things that we’ve set our minds to doing, there’s an excitement in living.

If you’re in the old-age category of life and you’re one of the people who got through the years without setting goals, then I know you’re bored. However, you can change that trend of yours. It only takes a little effort.

Start with something small like deciding to read a book a week if you’ve never done that. Do you have any idea of what you’ll learn in one year’s time by reading 52 books in the next year? You’ll not only learn what you read about, but if you’ve chosen worthwhile reading material you’ll become a more interesting person, because your conversation and interests will become an extension of that reading. Some of the reading may lead you into a hobby, volunteerism, extra income, a trip, or any number of new experiences.

Realistic Goals

Yet goals must be realistic. If you set your goal too high, say to read 25 books in a week you’ll most likely fail in the attempt.

Goals can include something that you already know well, that you enjoy, and will enjoy all the more if you reach them. Or they can be brand-new, something that you’ve never done before—yet again whatever the new undertaking is, it needs to be reasonable. If you’re a 100 pound woman who’s never lifted any weights, it might be a bit much to expect to become a national female weight-lifter within the next year. Goal accomplishment requires sensible planning, including time lines.

Three simple suggestions for success:
  • Choose a goal that you feel will add happiness to your life.
  • Set aside some of every day or a certain portion of your week working toward accomplishing that goal. Write it on your calendar; note it in your day planner, wherever you need to fly a flag to yourself as a reminder.
  • Just like someone who has set the goal of losing weight, share about your goal with someone else to make yourself accountable to do it.
When we reach our goals that accomplishment makes us happy, and those around us are happier too. It’s one way for all of us to stay young, even as we count our grey hairs.

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