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Crazy Socks!
Photo: Betty Kossick
You’ve seen those socks, those crazy, fun, delightful, bright-colored socks that remind you of something a kid would love to wear. You know those socks that hark of Dr. Seuss. Well, I just got a pair as a gift—and I’ll assure you that I’m a l-o-n-g way from being a kid. Now, kid at heart is another matter. So, believe me, I’m thrilled with my new socks. Mine are hot pink, with white stripes, and bright turquoise cuffs, heels and toes. Undignified, perhaps, but they’ll be keeping my old feet warm.

In fact, I’ll confess that a short time ago I almost bought myself a pair of Betty Boop socks. I held them in my hand awhile before I hung them back on the rack, “My husband will think I’ve lost it,” I said to a clerk, “but I think they look like fun!”

The crazy socks were a farewell gift from a new friend, Melissa, who is moving away. She’s known me such a short time that she certainly didn’t know anything about those Betty Boop ones I had my mind on buying. However, better than her gift that made me feel young and peppy, was her visit to say goodbye. She leaves in three days. She’d bought and read a book of mine that she said impacted her—and she wanted it autographed before she leaves. More, she just wanted to talk. She’s half my age, so I knew her words were sincere. She shared her tragic story of a past life, one that turned into something beautiful because she discovered Jesus as her Savior.

Made Me Feel Young

As she spoke, I listened, amazed at another transformed life. She didn’t know that just her presence made me feel young again, but I was quick to tell her how joyful I felt for her to tell me her conversion story. Previously, I knew not about her life’s tribulations. But I knew that I felt drawn to her, as she said that she was to me. So what is it about young people and old people that draws them together? Interestingly, the younger person doesn’t tell the older person she or he makes them feel older, just the opposite.

So where does the old go, when old and young converge? It simply seems to dissipate, just like our sins that fall away when Jesus comes into our lives. The freshness of youth prevails.

We parted with prayer, we promised to stay in touch—and we will, because we appreciate the young feeling that connects us, a youthful sense of being that Jesus gives us now as a precursor to youth eternal in the earth made new. I doubt that we’ll wear crazy socks in heaven, but for now they just add to the youthful feeling—as she smiled, “A writer should never be without a crazy pair of socks!”

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