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Readers Comments for 2014
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Comments for Article: But for a Dolly
Ann Davis. Dec 16, 2014.
Greetings! I am a Seventh-day Adventist Christian and have been following your website on Facebook and now on the web. I have just read a sweet story about how God protected a young mother and her two children....Our grandchild attends The Well. We have visited twice :) I really enjoy this website and the story that I just read. My husband and I would like to visit The Well again and let our granddaughter see that we are supporting her love for Sabbath School and for Jesus. :) We hope to see you all soon! May the Lord continue to bless each member with His love and knowledge of His Word.

Comments for Article: Stop the World, I Want Off
Roberta Bryan. Dec 12, 2014.
Thank you for sharing this. I work in Behavioral Health where some individuals have already told me that the holiday season is more burdensome and painful than joyous. I will share this perspective of Matthew 11:28 with them, with hope that it will brighten their spirits and lighten their load. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Comments for Article: Soy Yogurt
PJ. Dec 6, 2014.
God is so good! If we listen to His voice and to important information such as this we can live healthier longer.

Comments for Article: Christ in a Box
PJ. Dec 5, 2014
Thank you so very much for such a beautiful article. One of a Loving Savior who is waiting for our invitation to share Him with others not only by word but moreover in our actions!

Comments for Article: Dancing or Marching
PJ. Dec 5, 2014.
What an insightful article! David danced before the Lord. He praised the Lord with sacrifices and shouts of joy, singing, and praising with music.

Comments for Article: Hope and Health
Marge. Nov 30, 2014.
I want this kind of hope. Need this hope.

Comments for Article: Daddy's Briefcase
Betty Kossick. Nov 11, 2014.
Thank you, Lorraine, for this article. It brought me cheer today. It reveals true fatherhood, lovely parenting. I only wish that I'd known that kind of daddy love--but I did find even more tender love in in my father God. Almost unbelievable Fatherhood! Except it is believable. Thus, I'm blessed.

Comments for Article: One Little Thing
Auden RovelleQuartz, Nov 10, 2014. 
Excellent youth devotional!

Comments for Article: Heaven's Choir
Mark. Nov 8, 2014.
I also have heard that beautiful Heavenly music. God comforted me with it when my wife was sick and I was lonely away in another country.

Comments for Article: Produce Aisle Peril
Liz S. Nov 5, 2014.
Wonderful article Liesl. I love the picture of Jesus comforting His children over their losses, large or small. Thanks for sharing!

Comments for Article: I Am a Tree
Melani. Oct 25, 2014.
The reading was beautiful and timely. I also want to become like that tree in Ps.1:2, 3. That's the only way to survive in this world.

Comments for Article: Chist in a Box
Tamara. Oct 16, 2014
I really resonated with this article and especially this sentence. "You and I are continually given opportunities to bring our Lord out of the “box”—to lift Him out of the confinements of human concepts, traditions and ideas in order for us to discover a vibrant friendship and relationship with the Divine." Sometimes we think there is only one way to reach people for Jesus but Jesus showed us He was multifaceted when He worked with people. He approached them from their personal needs, addressing areas that many of the established church leaders at the time thought were way radical and even said Jesus was possessed with a demon! I want to follow Jesus' example and meet people where they are in most need. Thanks for the great article.

Comments for Article: Fresh Start
Teresa Hosey. Sept 19, 2014.
I am experiencing this about repeating the same sins. I testified at prayer meeting and Pastor went over the Word of God with us. I believe that God is faithful, merciful and loving, I know by faith that God will deliver me once and forever.

Comments for Article: Babilonia Hoy
Gladys Quichimbo. Sept 10, 2014.
What he says is true. Isaiah 13:19,20, "And Babylon, the glory of kingdoms, the beauty of the Chaldees' excellency, shall be as when God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah. It shall never be inhabited, neither shall it be dwelt in from generation to generation: neither shall the Arabian pitch tent there; neither shall the shepherds make their fold there." As we see, God delivers what the Bible promises and that it will now destroy all wicked people.

Comments for Article: Reverse the Curse
George. Sept 2, 2014.
Very nice!

Comments for Article: Where is the Fire?
Rex. Aug 29, 2014.
Ahhhh yes! Where is the fire? Good topic, good points, may I pose that the fire will burn when we get close to it. In devotions in the morning, are we simply digging for a feel good pick-me up? To be placed on the altar of sacrifice (as the symbol in the sanctuary points to) takes SACRIFICE. We come to Jesus each day as in the daily service, a searching of my heart by my HIgh Priest at the place of sacrifice, where the sword of Lord opens me up (dividing asunder of soul and spirit, joints and marrow?). Then we confess our need and plead His remedy. Then He washes us in the water of the word of promises, (the laver?) "if any man come to me I will by no means cast him out,"/ "all manner of sin and blaspheme shall be forgiven,"/ "if we confess our sin He is faithful and just to forgive and cleanse us from all unrighteousness." Then with my consent and my commitment He places me on the altar of sacrifice, where the fire of His presence via Holy Spirit, consumes my earthliness, and I sacrifice my desire for them and go forth to minister. Not looking for a flurry of warm fuzzies, but taking on the whole armor to fight against the spiritual wickedness in high places, and with the sword of the spirit, delivering the captives of lies and myths. "Go in this thy strength,for God is with thee!"

Comments for Article: Sortez du bateau !
Monique. Aug 17, 2014.
I liked this article very much! 

Comments for Article: Dancing or Marching?
Chriss. Aug 13, 2014.
Excellent message? I like this view on dancing.

Comments for Article: What About Purity?
Nathan. Aug 10, 2014.
I read the article on purity and now that I am older (26) I wish I kept that strong in my heart :( I'm Definately not pure, especially when it comes to sex. I have been in a few relationships and I guess wanted love, to be loved and to get married so much that I guess I lost myself. I love the idea of getting married and cannot wait! Thinking I found love in the past, but obviously that wasn't the case as I am no longer with those women. I guess I need some advice! Another thing I am in a very long distance relationship at the moment. This girl is a Christian, unlike the others, also is a virgin. Me, not being a virgin. Am I good enough???

Comments for Article: Neighborhood Walk
Heidi Raab. Aug  3, 2014.
What a great article! I'm going to do it!

Comments for Article: About Time
M.A. Heyer. July 19, 2014.
This topic has caught my attention often in the past year as I seek the Lord. Time, together with tithes. Time is the only resource that cannot be replaced during our time here in this world, therefore, shouldn't it be of greater importance to use wisely. We are to tithe the first fruits of our increase and each day that we are allowed to experience is an increase to our lives. I combine the two and make effort to tithe my time to the Lord. Each night as the new day begins and/or each morning God blesses me to rise, I make plans to honor Him by tithing to Him the time He has given me. Two and one-half hours to begin each day is what I strive for. During this time I read/study from the Holy Bible, read a Christian book, pray, minister to others. Whatever gives God the glory and brings me in closer relationship to Him is what I focus to do. Since I have began doing this, my days seem longer and I can somehow fit all the tasks, errands and work of each day and still get needed rest that was elusive before. As we honor Him to return time we have been blessed with, more time will be added to us...

Comments for Article: Protect the Gift
Karen Shepard-Hamilton. June 28, 2014.
This is oh so true. Thank you for this article...dear editor. I was sitting at my computer this afternoon and reminising about my two years I spent at this place back in 1975 -1977. I was baptisied in the church in August 1975, six weeks after major emergency surgery at the Sanitarium...I spent five weeks in the Sanitarium recouperating and they were awesome to me and my doctors, nurses, and therapists led me to know the Jesus Christ of my life, which I am so grateful for. I am now a Methodist because my husband, Joe, of 21 years, led me to his church and I changed my act to be a Methodist...but I intend to drive up to Wildwood within the next month on a Sabbath for worship. God bless you on this article, it is so true and I wish I could share it with all my friends and family instead of just my husband. Thank you again.

Comments for Article: I Now Relate
Lynda. June 15, 2014.
Sometimes I do not have to have my own experience to understand. This may be due to years of observing those who suffer. A learned attribute of "not offering advice unless asked for it" comes to mind. More listening to those who suffer, then knowing how to comfort is the solution for me. Of course, if someone is in danger, then I offer my services immediatley and readily. Sometimes people who suffer need to have someone listen to them, and that is all that is necessary. Once this "listening opportunity" unfolds in front of me, I listen and offer what they may ask for, because then, I have more details about their suffering and offer what is needed. If the offering is more than they may have expected, it is a plus for both sides. Offering less never happens.

Comments for Article: Go for It
Lyn Hakeem. June 14, 2014.
I thank God for the power and permission in this message to move forward in accomplishing all that the Creator has designed me to accomplish for Him, by Him, and through Him. Each and everyday of my life I experience the hand of my Lord reshaping me into His image. I want to be more like Jesus every day.

Comments for Article: Capturing Truth
John Sheffield. June 6, 2014.
Yes, uplifting Christ. Someone gave me a definition for faith a long time ago which has meant a lot to me. Faith is a humbled heart that begins now to "comprehend" what it cost Him to save us. Then His love (agape) can constrain us (2 Corinthians 5:13, 14). 

Comments for Article: God's Dusty Hands
Lois Pecce. June 2, 2014.
Thank you, Betty, for this awesome reminder of our hands-on God who is not offended by dirt or "dust" but reaches into it to create something--or someone--beautiful.

Comments for Article: Who is Your Nathan
Tanya. May 25, 2014.
Powerful message. Amen.

Comments for Article: Write
BJ Bannister. May 13, 2014.
I am so impressed with this article. My grandboys are only 6 and 5, but I have neglected this part of their education. I realize now that I hated writing. In fact I memorized a 14 page poem in the 9th grade to avoid writing a term paper. I think it is time for me to use this good advice. Perhaps my attention to writing will also influence my very young relatives. Thanks!

Comments for Article: The Dishes Can Wait
Betty Kossick. May 12, 2014.
Erika--Keep snuggling with your little girl. She won't always be little. Yes, those dishes can wait!.

Comments for Article: Perseverance Pays
Mollie. Apr 26, 2014.
Sometimes life seems to ask to much of us. It is easy to quit but quitters don't win. Change your approach or your attitude or both and try, try again. There is much to much to be lost by quitting. Been there done that. Perservere and reap the reward, the joy, satisfaction and peace. God Bless. Dont worry, trust God, be happy.

Comments for Article: Solar Solace
Linda. Apr 22, 2014.
Good to be reminded of my insignificance in the vastness of the universe and yet to know my deep significance in the eyes of God. Thanks for this article, Garrett.

Comments for Article: Playing Holy Spirit
Maryna Parson. Apr 2 , 2014.
I can only call out and say: "God have mercy on me a sinner" God help me to be an instrument in saving souls and NOT a stumbling block. God bless you for this article.

Comments for Article: Different
Chris. Mar 29, 2014.
Thank you for sharing. Years of doing that, however, takes a toll. Trying to come up with many different ways someone else might be seeing a situation required a lot of energy and assumptions on my part. I've learned that having open lines of communication is very important and that the other person, too, needs to be encouraged and feel safe to use said lines of communication instead of me imagining what things are like from their point of view. Theoretically speaking anyway... In real life, I can't help but do what you've said. I guess it's part of my nature. Thanks so much for sharing!!

Comments for Article: Starting Point
Myrna Harris. Mar 20, 2014.
I am in New York reading this at 2:49 a.m. Thank you for your spring time thoughts. It has been a long winter and just reading this has restored my soul. I truly appreciate your grace notes.

Comments for Article: UNKLE ALICE
Belinda Guerrero. Mar 18, 2014.
This is a very true and timely article. Unfortunately for many, it will be ignored or not heeded as important. We teach our children to respect their elders, not to talk back, do as they are told, and that level of respect leads to the death of hundreds across America every year. We take time to teach soccer, how to use the I-pad, AND we need to teach self defense. We need to teach our children how to be quiet and get out of the house when someone is ransacking the living room, how to drop a rope ladder from the upstairs window (remember those?? used them for fires, could save a life again!) There was a time we had fire drills, if we believe the teaching of the Bible, we should prepare our families for ??? hhmm?? tough-time drills. The Bible warns to flee to the hills, not to allow our chilldren to be murdered in our yards, or their schools, our families be gunned down in our churches. If we sit still and do nothing, we can not ask God, why me?!. He gave instructions, are we listening?

Comments for Article: UNKLE ALICE
Betty Kossick. Mar 17, 2014.
It's a shame that such tragic times surround us, but your article UNKLE ALICE makes us aware of how we need to be prepared anywhere to face the enemy. Both children and adults need training. Gracenotes writers are helping to supply this knowledge. Thank you.

Comments for Article: Losing Her Baby Boy
Devon. Mar 12, 2014.
Easier said than done - God give me strength to believe in Your leading in my life.

Comments for Article: Sharing the Joy
Sheryl. Mar 9, 2014.
Thank you for these thoughts today. I am 53 years old and will strive to make this a day of expressing an interest in the things that matter to those around me today. What a lovely suggestion!

Comments for Article: ICE It
Betty Kossick. Mar 8, 2014.
Thank you for such a valuable article!

Comments for Article: Complacency
Joannie. Mar 5, 2014.
I agree. Complacency is dangerous to our spiritual lives. Like the hymn says, "new heights I'm gaining every day" - that is my motto, letting Jesus be the center of my life more and more every day. Thanks for the great article!

Comments for Article: Guard Your Heart
Joan. Feb 16, 2014.
Good counsel. God help me to take care of my heart in every way.

Comments for Article: Spaghetti
Meche. Feb 4, 2014.
Yes, you are blessed. I remember those "last times" too. Now I hear these same blessings and concerns from my children about my grandchildren. It is so gracious of our Lord to keep us in His arms because we are His children. Soon we will all be going through the "last time" here on Earth. Soon we will be going home where there will be no more "last times" because everything will be wonderful and forever. And there will always be enough spaghetti. Thank you for this note. I feel renewed as a mother and grandmother to cherish the memories while I look forward to going home. Be safe and stay blessed. PS: Yes they still climb in bed with me too...amen!

Comments for Article: El Coro Celestial
Ivette. Jan 26, 2014.
A month ago I was sleeping and I in my sleep heard voices of people, It was a choir that I had never ever heard, just voices. It was wonderful! Suddenly I woke up and could still hear the choir in my head to one side and another. Gradually, the choir was losing strength until, I stopped hearing it. I wondered about it. The next day I asked an acquaintance of the house, and I clarified that angels from heaven are helpful. It was wonderful to hear this. I had never heard anything like it. I do remember that there were voices in chorus, but no musical instruments.

Comments for Article: Hide and Seek
Joanne. Jan 22, 2014.
Love it!

Comments for Article: The Mandela Effect
Larry. Jan 11, 2014.
Mandela was NOT a great man. If you only derive your opinion from what the media says you'll be misled. His group was resonsible for many violent murders.

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