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I knew this day would come. I’ve dreaded it. But there is no going back now. We will just have to pick ourselves up and move forward.

You see, one pound of spaghetti is no longer enough for our family.

Last night, we got to the bottom of the pan, and two of my children who seem to have grown four inches overnight, were still asking for more.

One pound isn’t enough.

There have been a lot of momentous occasions over my last eight years of motherhood: the last morning of breastfeeding, the last diaper to change, the last five-point harnessed car seat, and the last time I discovered a child had sneaked into bed with us… oh wait, that is still happening...

But for some reason, the inadequacy of the spaghetti last night sort of took my breath away. It hints of future grocery trips where I will need to buy four loaves of bread for the week and multiple gallons of milk. When Costco-sized chips and salsa will only last a week instead of a month. It reminds me that I’m about to be eaten out of house and home.

So Blessed

I am so blessed.

I have been entrusted by God with these young hearts, minds and stomachs. My husband and I have been blessed with enough work to cover those grocery store trips. I am blessed to have enough space in our small backyard to grow some of our own food for those bellies. I am blessed with arms capable of cooking for my family and fingers that can dial for pizza on those days.

I am so blessed.

One day they will have eaten so much that they will be taller than me. One day they will pack up some boxes of clothes and memories and head off into their own adventure. One day they will begin families of their own.

But for now, I am blessed by their presence. And with God’s strength, I will enjoy as many moments as possible. Even if I have to share my spaghetti.

“Blessed are those whose strength is in you, whose hearts are set on pilgrimage… They go from strength to strength, til each appears before God in Zion” (Psalm 84:5, 7).

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