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Food, Facts, and Fun!
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I don’t want to just say to you, “Merry Christmas!” I also want to say, “Healthy Holidays!” Because too many of us (myself included) don’t have the best health habits during the Christmas season. When you combine the holiday meals, office parties, school parties, home baking, shopping, decorating, and wrapping, it’s easy to come away from this holiday with two things: extra weight and burn-out.

But here are some things that you can do to make your holiday healthier. I know it’s a busy time, but do your best to pay attention to the three “Fs.”

Three "Fs"

Food: Just because there’s more food on the table doesn’t mean that you have to eat more! In fact, eat the same portion sizes that you do during the rest of the year—and even less if the food is high in fat or sugar. For your own cooking and baking, search the Internet and recipe books for ways to make your traditional foods a little healthier. Your family may not even notice the changes.

Facts: The facts are, if you don’t take care of yourself during the holidays you’ll likely get sick. If not that, the stress of it all will make you cranky. The facts are, you need your sleep; you need daily exercise; you need to eat a balanced diet; and you need downtime.

Fun: Make sure that your holiday is full of fun and not full of stress. Make a list—and check it twice! Delegate tasks to each member of the family. So what if they’re not done to perfection? Everyone will have fun and feel that they’re doing their part. Remember what this holiday is all about: your family, your friends, and your faith.

The very first Christmas was celebrated in a manger. The decorations were a pile of hay and a feeder box. The music was the sound of animals lowing and bleating. There were no lights except for a flickering oil lamp. There was no dinner apart from what the two had packed. There were no gifts—except the greatest Gift the world has ever known.

And that’s what it’s all about.​

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