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In God’s Image
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Image. What does that word conjure up in your mind? How one looks in the mirror, how one looks to others, positive or negative thoughts?

If we’d believe the ads out there, our image looks frayed and we need to clean it up with the latest skin care. Hyperbole about miracle products abound. Women, and, yes, men alike respond in droves (I know one 40ish man who fretted about ‘crow’s feet’ by his eyes more than any female I’ve ever encountered). Then, beyond the face is the body image. Everything from creams, to exercise machines, to the latest apparel styles promise to produce in you a fantastic body. And there are the games like Suduko to keep the mind’s image sharp. There’s even a magazine Self to make us more than aware of our self-image. Then, going from head to toe, your feet will look like angel’s feet if you invest $50 in a pair of fake-jewel-studded flip-flops.

Let’s face it some of these image enhancers do help such as quality skin-care products. However, much of it simply drains the wallet. In addition, some of us look like clowns wearing the attire suggested for ‘a great image.’

Takes Time

Our image does get frayed and it does need cleaning, but the better solution is found by turning to God’s Word to get just the right product we need. No cash outlay, no checks to write or credit card to swipe through a machine. It only takes time with God.

In God’s Word, we read that we humans are made in the image of God. That should stop us from image self-seeking. He’s already fashioned us to be like Him. There must be many facets to His image since humans look different. Even those who look very much alike still possess differences.

The other day, my new six-year-old friend looked at me intently, and said with a child’s honesty, “You have a big nose!” Then she looked at my husband and said, “and he does too!” I replied, “We know it, honey. But we can’t help it.” That seemed to resolve that matter for her. Perhaps she thought I’m not aware and needed to know. I certainly didn’t feel the need to go out and hire a plastic surgeon to alter my nose. When she’s older she’ll realize that blurting out such things isn’t the best socializing technique, yet her words made me think about what image am I giving to people about being made in His image, the spiritual part of being in His image?

Image. May that word speak to our hearts. May we want first and foremost to be God’s image-representative. As we enjoy reading various Bible translations and paraphrases, we can find joy in reading how The Message defines God’s image, as Father God speaks to His Son, Jesus, …“Now let us make human beings in our image, making them reflect our nature”…Genesis 1:26. In God’s image, what a blessing!

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