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Ole Black Cur
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When we moved to a rental home up in the mountains our neighbors had what could best be described as an old black cur. This dog, we'll call him Lucifer, was the epitome of bad dog! Anything we'd give our border collie, Shep, this ole cur would take away. If we gave our dog food, Lucifer would eat it right in front of Shep, and Shep knew better than to try to stop him. If we gave Shep a bone it was the same thing. This behavior even carried over into Shep's toys. The old cur would take off with them.

But one of the things that really miffed my family about the black dog was that he had this huge bull dog buddy, (also my neighbor's), who would always come to Lucy's aid whenever he took a notion to attack our collie dog. Shep would be napping and Lucifer would chomp into his hind quarters!

Shep would then let out a howl. The next thing you knew, here would come ole Dufuss, the bull dog, out of nowhere and the twosome would nearly kill our dog.

Things changed when my neighbor sold his bull dog. That left Ole Lucy on his own. And he was smart enough to realize he'd get whipped without his backup so he and Shep worked up a good friendship.

To make this friendship even better, my neighbor got three more dogs that had no love for the old cur either, so he and Shep became allies. These new dogs all stuck together so Lucifer and Shep tag teamed whenever there was a brawl.

I Couldn’t Believe My Eyes

I remember one day the biggest of these new dogs jumped ours and I couldn't believe my eyes here came the ole black cur chomping and nipping on the new one's tail and neck!

Times change and so do feelings as well. There finally came a time that I could honestly say I loved the ole boy! He'd aged some and so had I. He was missing a few teeth, and he had a cancer about the size of a softball, hanging down on his belly. He'd been ugly as sin before, and his looks certainly hadn’t improved, but inside he had changed for the good.

This past Spring I buried our Shep. His ole nemesis, Lucy, has been gone for six years now.

They were good old dogs. They taught me lots. I learned how to avoid controversy from Shep and how some critters might change, given time, whether they are dog or human.

I myself was such a human. Years ago I was a lost man. I would drink ten drinks of hard liquor every night. But then I asked Jesus into my life and He helped me give up that way of living. Like Lucy I’ve changed!

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” (2 Corinthians 5:17).

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