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Before They Call
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Susan chatted with her mother as they drove up the winding mountain road toward their home. Her muscles ached from working all day long in her pet grooming business. Suddenly a flash of black darted across the road. It was a Labrador retriever. The dog continued through the underbrush. Susan looked to see if there were an owner nearby. Neither of them had seen any vehicles parked alongside the road.

“Well, I’d guess that’s another lost dog,” her mother commented.

“You’re probably right,” Susan looked sad. The two had seen many animals wandering aimlessly along their trek home in the past. “Well, you know what I’ve got to do then,” Susan smiled. “I know Dear,” her mother nodded. Susan prayed as she always had when an animal seemed lost.

When the two got home she called her sister-in-law. “Rachel, we saw a dog on the way home. Has it been over your way?”

“No we haven’t had any dogs since those two strays we finally decided to keep last year,” responded her sister-in-law.

A few days later Rachel called to say the ‘Lab’ had finally shown up at her house. “We’ll keep him with our six other dogs and wait to see if anyone is missing him.”

Later that night Rachel received a call from an old high school friend who had moved into the area. During the conversation her former classmate started crying. “Jaimie, what’s wrong?” questioned Rachel in alarm.

They Both Ran Away

“Oh Rachel!” she cried. “When I moved here, I brought my two dogs that I had raised from pups. And they both ran away.” “What kind of dogs were they?” Rachel asked.

“Two black labs,” sobbed Jaimie. There was a brief silence then Rachel responded, “Jaimie, you’re not going to believe this, but I might have found one of your dogs.”

The next day Rachel took the dog to see her old friend who lived six miles away. “That’s him! That’s Monty!” exclaimed Jaimie as they both met. It was apparent that Monty recognized his owner too as he bolted out of Rachel’s vehicle into Jaimie’s arms. “I just wish he would talk and tell us where Cindy is!” Jaimie dripped tears of joy and sorrow on the furry black coat. Rachel felt sad for her friend as she drove away.

But that night their sorrows were turned to joy when she got another telephone call. “Hi Rachel, this is Al Simonson,” came the voice on the other end of the line. “Say, I know you guys have a pack of dogs. Is one of them a black lab? We had one show up at our place today.” “Really!” responded Rachel. “Mr. Simonson it’s not my dog, but it’s a good chance that your call is an answer to someone’s prayer.”

The next day both Rachel and Susan took Jaimie to Mr. Simonson’s cabin. In answer to all their prayers a familiar black lab raced towards her mistress. Her family was reunited.

God says, “Before they call I will answer" (Isaiah 65:24).

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