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We got hacked. Like SUPER hacked. The websites I manage were crippled this morning. In an incredibly short period of time, thousands of hours of work and information and photographs and content just vanished. Code was overwritten, much crashing ensued and we were left with a cavernous hole where our wonderful websites used to exist. It felt a little like the end of the world.

Momma said I’d have days like these.

And I do. There are days that I know are going bad from the moment I open my eyes. The kids are tired (because I read an extra chapter of The Magician’s Nephew last night), laundry isn’t done (“Mom, I have no shorts!!!!”), breakfast is a disaster (“There’s no milk!”), we are late to school (again), library books are forgotten (though there is a bright blue note on the back of the door reminding us to take them), a matching pair of shoes seem harder to come by than a diamond in a rock garden (and don’t even ask about matching socks), packed lunches are boring (and not exactly the healthiest)… and it just continues that way all day. I find myself at the end of those days thinking, what happened here? It’s like a black hole opened and sucked us in until there was nothing left.

Days Like That

What do you do on days like that?

In my business, I realized years ago that I was over my head in the world of technology (I don’t speak IT) and so I hired a wonderful company to deal with the background of my websites. Because of that choice, the website disaster is not really the end of the world. Backups were made by my save-the-day company and they are currently in process of setting up my websites again, with only a tiny loss of data.

And maybe that’s what I need to do with my bad family days. Recognize that years ago, I realized I was in over my head. Remember that I gave my life over to Someone who can handle all this crazy much better than me. Be thankful that God backs me up and can reset my day and wipes clean the slate for me to begin again tomorrow. Thank you, Lord.

So let me set out those library books right now and see how things go tomorrow…

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