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A Gallery for Kids
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Every time I walk by my refrigerator I feel like walking sprightly--even if I can't. But still I feel that way. The reason: it’s because of my art and prose gallery that’s magnet-hung on it, works of kids, who give me greetings by way of drawings or writings. Kids know how to be creative. Their art work is always so cheerful and colorful, fun to get and to keep to continue being encouraged by, a spark of youth to make one feel young again.

In turn, it’s the responsibility of us not–so-young to do things to encourage kids, ways to show that you care. There are many little things that we who are older can do for kids, Here are my 10 suggestions, but if course there are many more:

Ten Suggestions
  • Call them by their name. Their name is special to them.
  • Talk to them, don’t ask the parents what you can ask them.
  • Listen to them and respond to what they tell you.
  • When they share good things with you, clap for them.
  • When they share sad things, hug them.
  • Kids like to help, maybe ask them to do some little thing.
  • Ask their opinion about something.
  • If you still work and have business cards give them one. You’ll make points.
  • Thank them for being your friend.
  • Smile at them—always!
Several years ago, when I went on a newspaper assignment that was covered by a huge array of media, the director of the World Food Council was one of the speakers for the event at Ohio’s Agricultural Research and Development Center. A friend and her little girl went along with me to see such things as a real live cow with a window on her side showing how her inner workings worked!

As I waited, hoping to speak to directly with this man of celebrity, I was taken into an off-side room, with my friends. Just the four of us, no mass of camera or lights. Mr. World Celebrity showed no airs and even before he took time to answer my questions, he squatted down and talked to my little redheaded friend—at her eye level. He knew how to make friends and influence people—even a little child. She talked about the nice man all the way home, more so, than she did about the cow with the glass tummy. It meant more to me that the interview. And I learned a lesson in kid relations.

So, if you want to do a few things to make kids feel grown-up, you can also feel a lot younger in the process.

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